FAQs - Hospitals & Acute Care Centers

How does the Medication History for Reconciliation service work?

Surescripts Medication History for Reconciliation and ED Settings service provides real-time access to the largest set of medication claims and pharmacy fill data available, delivering a more complete picture of the patient at every step - from admission to discharge. This enables more informed treatment decisions across transitions of care, helping to reduce the patient risk of ADEs.

  1. History Request: Authorized Staff requests history
  2. Validated Request: The request is validated and queries are sent
  3. Multi-source Response: Data from pharmacies and PBMs is sent
  4. Aggregated Data: Data is aggregated and forwarded to requester

Pharmacy Fill and PBM claims data include:

  • Name of drug
  • Dosage
  • Quantity dispensed
  • Days supply
  • Dispensing pharmacy
  • Phone number of pharmacy
  • Prescription ll date
  • Name of prescribing physician
  • Phone number of prescribing physician