Medication non-adherence is a national epidemic that costs billions of dollars annually and negatively impacts the health of millions of Americans. Surescripts Insights for Medication Adherence provides actionable patient intelligence at the point of care to increase adherence and improve patient outcomes while reducing costs.

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(formerly Medication Management for Adherence)

With Insights for Medication Adherence, clinicians can quickly identify adherence issues and gaps in care by viewing patient-specific medication adherence summaries and real-time messages from PBMs and health plans within their EHR workflow.

Get unmatched patient information

Surescripts provides a Proportion of Days Covered (PDC) score that allows clinicians to quickly see if patients are taking their medications as prescribed. PDC is calculated by PBMs based on refill records obtained from prescription claims. It shows the percentage of time patients have medications available to take.

Identify and close gaps in care

Clinicians receive medication-specific messages based on each patient’s diagnosis and PDC score, so they can address care gaps while patients are in the office. Messages include high risk medications that could cause adverse effects, medications not being properly taken and drugs that should be taken, but weren’t prescribed.

Create more value

With Insights for Medication Adherence, EHRs can easily implement a seamless interface that meets clinician demands for real-time data at the point of care. PBMs can improve their adherence programs, save money by switching to electronic communications, and increase quality and Star ratings.

Surescripts is a single point of connectivity between the PBM and the EHR.

Insights for Medication Adherence is Making an Impact

Bizmatics shares their experience partnering with Surescripts to integrate Insights for Medication Adherence into their workflow, helping care providers improve patient outcomes, reach value-based care goals and more.

"Surescripts helps paint a better picture of who a patient is and how to get the best outcome possible. Physicians have a complete view of a patient’s medication and their likelihood of complying with the prescription instructions, which helps to tailor how a doctor might approach treatment and follow up on a patient-specific basis."

Neil SimonChief Operating Officer,

Let's Discuss How Insights for Medication Adherence Can Work for You.


Let's Discuss How Insights for Medication Adherence Can Work for You.