Prior Authorization without the Frustration

Surescripts CompletEPA® is a truly electronic prior authorization solution that's integrated with your EHR.

  • Prior Authorization in 5 minutes instead of 5 days.

    Unmatched connectivity with PBMs provides real-time benefit checks, faster responses and up to 30% fewer prior authorizations versus other, less connected solutions. Your patients get the medication they need, and you save time, money and resources.
  • No phone calls or faxes

    True connectivity and integration with your EHR means end-to-end electronic prior authorization without the need for manual intervention.
  • No surprise rejections

    Initiate, view and track the status of your prior authorization.
  • No forms or web portals

    Skip logic presents patient and plan-specific questions for a fully automated experience. Answer only the questions required - don't spend time on irrelevant forms.

CompletEPA® is the quickest solution for prior authorization from the nation's most comprehensive health information network

  • Integrated

    Directly with your existing
    e-prescribing workflow. No additional software or hardware required.
  • Automated

    Real-time electronic
    connectivity to PBMs, third-party processors and health plans at an unrivaled scale.
  • Efficient

    Streamlined, intuitive and automated, CompletEPA reduces administrative waste and allows staff to focus on patient care and other high-value tasks.

How to Get It

  • What should I ask my EHR?

    Ask your EHR about their plans to work with Surescripts and let them know you want CompletEPA to improve your EHR application's e-prescribing workflow.

  • When can I get CompletEPA?

    Surescripts is already working with EHRs serving nearly half a million physicians with more joining the network all the time. Exact plans and timing vary by EHR, so start the conversation today.

  • How does Surescripts work with my EHR?

    Surescripts operates the largest health information network in the country, partnering with EHRs to integrate advanced technology capabilities into existing software. Surescripts is the single point of connectivity for providers, pharmacies, health plans and technology companies for the secure and reliable exchange of healthcare information.