Pharmacists helped build Surescripts. They believed in the value of e-prescribing as a path to greater patient safety, lower costs and improved care. We are proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our pharmacy partners to optimize the patient-pharmacist interaction.


Lower cost and lessen administrative burden

Pharmacies can’t afford the time wasted when prescriptions fall out of the workflow. We’ve committed major resources to perfecting e-prescribing

Take your place on the care team

We help you grow through new ways to engage your patients, freeing you to give the expert guidance your patients want and need

Stand out in the crowd

Highlight your distinct capabilities for EHRs, payers, PBMs and providers.

Connect with more than one million providers

Exponentially expand your partnerships nationwide with a single connection point.


We give you the most accurate and complete information via a trusted network.


We have automated the prescription process, and with less, manual interruption to the workflow, the cost to fill a prescription decreases, the rate of prescriptions that go seamlessly from prescribing to fulfillment increases.

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E-Prescribing of Controlled Substances

We are helping pharmacies combat controlled substance abuse by creating a pathway for physicians to manage all their prescriptions within the electronic workflow.

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Clinical Messaging

Our Clinical Messaging solution connects health care providers nationwide via the Surescripts network and offers convenient, secure delivery of clinical communications and data for improved care coordination and increased workflow efficiency.

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Hardwired to focus on pharmacies

Every time a pharmacist or staff member is interrupted by a workflow failure or anomaly—every phone call or fax follow-up—it’s an inefficiency we go after.

"When these new e-prescribing initiatives and solutions go into place, it improves the overall efficiencies of all the participants involved. And it’s really about patient safety."

Donna LitwakDirector of Pharmacy Technology &
Pharmacy Ops Support,
Rite Aid

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