PBMs can count on us to convene the industry to find the way forward. We are their trusted partners who advocate for their interests and create differentiated value for their customers


Improve patient-provider dialog at the point of care

We help members be better consumers of their pharmacy benefit by giving them visibility to their cost at the point of care

Reduce prescription operational cost

We deliver prescriptions that seamlessly go from prescribing to fulfillment

Create separate and distinct value for your customers

We deliver PBM data and insights as actionable intelligence which reinforces their unique value to customers

Strengthen efforts to manage medical and pharmacy spend

Our workflow-integrated solutions deliver real-time patient-specific formulary and benefit data at the point of care

Electronic Prior Authorization

(formerly CompletEPA®)

Electronic Prior Authorization is a real-time, end-to-end electronic prior authorization solution that is integrated with the EHR workflow. Our massive network, extensive experience with e-prescribing, and and relationships with the nation’s leading PBMs and Payers allow us to deliver a truly automated solution.

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We have automated the prescription process, and with less, manual interruption to the workflow, the cost to fill a prescription decreases, the rate of prescriptions that go seamlessly from prescribing to fulfillment increases.

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E-Prescribing of Controlled Substances

We are helping PBMs combat controlled substance abuse by creating a pathway for physicians to manage all their prescriptions within the electronic workflow.

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Insights for Medication Adherence

(formerly Medication Management for Adherence)

Medication non-adherence is a national epidemic that costs billions of dollars annually, and negatively impacts the health of millions of Americans. But Surescripts Medication Management for Adherence can help change that.

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Real-Time Prescription Benefit

Surescripts Real-Time Prescription Benefit delivers patient-specific drug benefit and cost information to the e-prescribing workflow at the point of care to improve medication adherence and patient care while reducing costs.

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We put PBM data to work

And we deliver it within seamless digital workflows that providers, pharmacists and ultimately patients can count on.

"The rollout of Electronic Prior Authorization has been a complete success for Community Health Network ... On average, we get an answer back within 13 seconds … whereas it might have been minutes, hours or even days under the old system."

Patrick McGillMedical Director of Physician Informatics,
Community Health Network

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