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JAMA Internal Medicine Study Provides Wake-Up Call: Improving e-Prescription Safety and Standards Adoption

With 77 percent of all prescriptions in the U.S. being routed electronically in 2015, e-prescribing is now the industry norm. However, there is still room for improvement when it comes to e-prescription quality and the user experience. One area for continuing quality improvement is the Notes field, as described in a recent Surescripts-led study published in the JAMA Internal Medicine last month.

Overcoming e-Prescribing Quality Issues

While e-prescribing does speed up the time it takes information to reach the pharmacy and eliminates the need to protect against coffee spills or physical damage, we are always looking for ways to improve the process.

EHR Intelligence Interview

Recently, I sat down with EHR Intelligence Editor Kyle Murphy to discuss the Surescripts E-Prescription Network, the recent rise of e-prescribing adoption and utilization, challenges facing expanded use, network interoperability, data security and more.

NPR and Quality

Surescripts has released our National Progress Report (NPR) for 2011. Within that report, there is a focus on quality on Page 16.

Scorecard Methodology

I've been asked to explain how we produce the clinical quality scorecards that we send out. The process is fairly simple. We start with a selection of electronic prescriptions. Usually we will just select a time range, like a day or a month. We never look at PHI. In fact, PHI is not available in our engine when we pull data.

Quality Organizations

I am trying to contact any quality organizations who would have an interest or a role to play in e-prescribing quality. ISMP and PQA have already been contacted. Who else do you think I should talk to? I heard IHI may be relevant.

Drug Databases

All e-prescribing systems use a drug database at their core. Several commercial alternatives exist, as well as some low cost or free data sources.

Quality and Measurements

If I've encountered any resistance when talking to organizations about quality, it is that they want to make changes and make improvements, but they don't want to invest in making the measurements of their quality.

Good Book on Six Sigma

One of my favorite books about quality is What is Six Sigma by Pande + Holpe ISBM 0-07-138185-6. This is a very concise volume, but packed with great information. It is the kind of book that I find myself continually referring to.

Quality never stops

Back today from a few days off last week.  During the week, we encountered a quality issue that had some pretty serious implications. A particular vendor was allowing users to hit the Enter key in the middle of a long drug name.

Controlled Substances and Quality

We've now had a chance to review and comment on the Proposed Final Rule for E-Prescribing Controlled Substances. Of course my interest is to think about how quality is impacted and relates to the rule and the practice of e-prescribing controlled substances.

What is quality?

If you want an interesting conversation, ask someone what they think quality is. If you don't want to talk about e-prescribing, talk about cars, computers, cable TV, restaurants, or anything else.

Formation of the quality function

I was asked to head up the Surescripts quality program in the summer of 2009. Since then, we've been surveying the landscape and talking to as many people as possible about quality as it relates to e-prescribing.