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As Providers Embrace Connectivity, Surescripts Helps them Access Millions of Patient Records in Real-Time

Thousands of providers in hospitals and clinics across the country are now able to access critical patient information anytime, anywhere, to help them make the best care decisions possible. As we wrap up another year of network expansion and improved industry connectivity, eight large health systems have gone live with our National Record Locator Service (NRLS). This is a huge step forward in making real-time data exchange an integral part of patient care.

Building on Existing Collaboration for True Interoperability

Connectivity, interoperability and seamless information exchange are necessities in today’s data-driven environment. And though there are many different approaches and initiatives underway, we are still waiting to see quality drastically improved and disparate networks truly connected.

Connecting All Points of Care

Simplifying healthcare. It’s a lofty goal, given the sheer complexity of this industry, but its one we embrace at Inofile. Specifically, our goal is to create vital links to simplify healthcare.