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Surescripts Blog Editorial Policy

By Vince Giglotti, Senior Manager - Interactive Marketing and Advertising
Surescripts Blog Editorial Policy

Surescripts Blog Editorial Policy

This post outlines the editorial policy for the Surescripts blog.  It will be permanently available for review.  When it is updated, the date of posting will be updated.

The Surescripts blog is focused on topics pertaining to health IT. Posts and comments need to stay on topic.  All content posted on this blog becomes the sole property of Surescripts.

Regarding the posting of comments:  

  1. Everyone is welcome to post comments.  Comments will be reviewed by Surescripts before being published.  We take this step to ensure that the comments are relevant and appropriate for this forum.  Surescripts retains the exclusive right to publish or not publish all comments.
  2. Comments that include vulgarities, obscenities, or comments of a potentially defamatory nature will not be published.  If contributors repeatedly violate Surescripts' comment policy, then none of their comments will be published in the future.
  3. When comments are published, they will be published in their entirety, without modification.  This means that an otherwise acceptable comment with one inappropriate word will not be published.
  4. A name and email address is required to post a comment.  Your email address will never be published or shared, but we may use the email address to contact you directly for clarification on a posting.  You may wish to state your affiliation in your signature.  Anonymous comments will not be published.
  5. NO PHI (Protected Health Information) is allowed anywhere on this site.  If it is observed in any post or comment, it will be removed and destroyed immediately and the sender will be notified that it is not appropriate.
  6. If you have a personal home page or blog, feel free to include the link in your signature.  But remember - this forum is not here to drive traffic to your commercial site.  Spamming or advertising will result in the post not being published.
  7. Comments more than one printed page in length are usually not appropriate and may be rejected if they are not staying on point.

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